Process Flow Chart of Resin Wash

In this wash, the resin is used directly and that’s why it is called a resin wash. Resin is used at a specific percentage. If we need a shining look and less hand feel then we use this wash. Also, resin fixes the color with fabric. Resin can be used in the machine bath or by a dipping process. The percentage of used resin is based on the required standard. Flow chart of resin wash will be discussed below:

Flow Chart of Resin Wash
Resin washed jeans

Resin wash:

In the case of resin wash, the resin used in the bath in the apparel and denim industry. At first, we add resin in the bath then loading the apparel for a certain period of time. Finally, we can get a hard garment.

The full apparel is washed with resin and after hydro-extracting, the full garments are dried then a special effect is produced. For the effect, the apparel is tied with thread or net or rope which resin treatment. Overall crinkle is done the all types of fabrics like denim, twill, canvas, poplin, knit, viscose, nylon, and so on. This is done after all types of dry and wet processes. Nowadays resin washing is very popular and widely used in denim.


  • Wash Type : Resin Wash
  • Dry Processes : Whisker + Hand Brushing + P. P. Spray
  • Fabric : Denim
  • Color : Blue Indigo
  • Quantity : 40 kg

Flow chart of Resin Wash

Resin Dip

Hydro Extract

Hydro Extract




All of the above processes are described below:

  1. Resin Dip: 1.5 kg resin and 48.5 liter water are used. It is done for 5 minutes.
  2. Hydro Extract: It is done for 30 sec.
  3. Hydro Extract: It is also done for 30 sec.
  4. Dryer: Medium drying is done at 450 ºC.
  5. Oven: It is done for 10 minutes at 900 ºC.
  6. Oven: It is done for 5 minutes at 1500 ºC.

Problems of  Resin Wash

  1. Garments can be hard.
  2. Garments can be damaged.
  3. Resin spot may come.

Solutions of  Resin Wash

  1. Use an optimum percentage of resin.
  2. Maintain proper timing.
  3. Dilute properly.
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