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Flow Chart of Knit Fabric Development

Flow Chart of Knit Fabric Development
Rofiquzzaman Raju
Fabric Technologist,
B.J.Group, Mawna, Gazipur

Knitting is the second most frequently used method of fabric construction. Knitted fabrics are now widely used in the applications where woven fabrics formerly predominated. Knit fabrics are comfortable, easy to sew, and travel beautifully. So this fabric has great demand in foreign buyer. To get export order from foreign apparel buyer, at first knitting industry have to knit fabric development. In this article I will give it step by step.
Knit fabric manufacturing
Knit fabric manufacturing
Flow Chart of Knit Fabric Development

Buyer sample choose



Yes or Not for check

Point to point analysis

Machine selection

Design selection

Yarn selection

Sample knitting (Check list, Design check, GSM check)

Sample dyeing

After finishing treatment

Shrinkage test , Fastness, Spirality test

Check the design after dyeing

If OK send to the buyer

If sample approved send it for the production

Order confirm

From marketing send a balk order

Start for the production