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Flow Chart of Yarn Finishing Process

Flow Chart of Yarn Finishing Process
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Yarn finishing:
Yarn finishing is a very important task for spinners. Because buyers are not interested to buy unfinished/faulty yarn. After getting yarn from ring frame has many faults like slubs, neps, knots, hairy etc. For reducing yarn fault auto cone winding machine is used. Which gives right weight and shape of yarn in cone package. All tasks are done in spinning finishing section. So spinning finishing section has important role in yarn manufacturing process. Now I’m giving flowchart of spinning finishing section.
Yarn finishing process (Heat setting)
Yarn finishing process (Heat setting)
Flow Chart of Spinning Finishing Section

Yarn gets with cop package from ring frame

Winding by auto coner

Checking under ultraviolet light

Yarn conditioning by heat setting

Weight determination


Delivery to buyer